Las nuevas tecnologías en la comunicación humanaLa videoconferencia en la educación

  1. Isla Montes, José Luis
  2. Ortega Molina, Francisco Damián
EDUTEC: nuevas tecnologías en la formación flexible y a distancia
  1. Cabero Almenara, Julio (coord.)

Publisher: Sevilla : Universidad de Sevilla, Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Institucionales y Extensión Cultural, 1999

ISBN: 84-89673-81-0

Year of publication: 1999

Pages: 1-13

Type: Book chapter


Associated to Internet growing and its usage, new technologies aiming to make communication easier among people from different parts of the planet are appearing. The videoconference provides several evident benefits over the rest of the media. Adding the possibility to see our interlocutors when we are chatting with them in the distance makes communication even more complete, creating a sense of presence among all the participants. Distanced Education ought to take advantage of the benefits that this new tool provides. This paper shows and analyzes some aspects to consider in order to make its establishment real in the classroom