Exposición a ruido de recién nacidos con sistemas CPAP y helmets neonatales

  1. Francisco Fernández Zacarías
  2. Ricardo Hernández Molina
  3. José Luis Cueto Ancela
  4. Simón Lubián López
  5. Alonso Ojembarrena, Almudena
Revista de acústica

ISSN: 0210-3680

Year of publication: 2012

Volume: 43

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 9-14

Type: Article

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In many cases the respiratory support is essential for the survival of extreme preterm infants This study offers empirical evidence on the noise levels to which preterm newborns are exposed during respiratory support with neonatal helmet CPAP This paper demonstrates that the HME filters do not decrease the noise levels, but, in certain situations increase them. In addition, it confirms that the noise levels produced by the neonatal helmet CPAP systems are higher than those recommended by a number of organizations for NICUs