La redefinición del crimen como presupuesto de una Criminología global

  1. María José Rodríguez Mesa
Archivos de Criminología, Seguridad Privada y Criminalística

ISSN: 2007-2023

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 18

Pages: 97-114

Type: Article

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It is part of the fact that criminology XXI Century can not continue operating with the same concept of crime that has been handled by the criminological doctrine for more than 25 years. Political, technological and social changes occurred globally in the last fifteen years require a new concept of crime can grasp the worthlessness of certain facts, regardless of their formal-informal condemnation. By analyzing the various attempts to provide an integrated crime concept, a redefinition for understanding the interactions that cause proposed the "no condemnation" inherently harmful and reprehensible acts, such as crimes of State or large corporations.