Feasibility study of advancing and sitting up power line communication (PLC) system under environment of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) into the ships

  1. Bakkali, M.
  2. Mascareñas, C.
  3. Sánchez De La Campa, F.
  4. Martín, C.
  5. Abad, F.J.
  6. Barea, M.
  7. Valverde, J.M.
  8. Valencia, J.
  9. Chover, J.E.
2007 9th International Conference on Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation, EPQU

ISBN: 9788469100578

Year of publication: 2007

Type: Conference paper

DOI: 10.1109/EPQU.2007.4424145 GOOGLE SCHOLAR