Social support, perceived well-being and internet social networks

  1. Guil, Rocío 1
  2. González, Silvia 1
  3. Guerrero, Cristina 1
  4. Zayas, Antonio 1
  5. Gil-Olarte, Paloma 1
  6. Mestre, José M. 1
  1. 1 Department of Psychology. University of Cádiz. Cádiz, Spain
4th Virtual Multidisciplinary Conference

ISSN: 2453-7144

ISBN: 978-80-554-1301-3

Year of publication: 2016

Pages: 11-14

Type: Conference paper

DOI: 10.18638/QUAESTI.2016.4.1.288 GOOGLE SCHOLAR


This paper explores whether the benefits of interpersonal face-to-face relationships will be also found in virtual social interactions. The objective of this study is to know if there is a relationship between social support, well-being, and frequency of Internet Social Networks (ISN) usage. We evaluated perceived social support levels (family, friends, and general), perceived well-being, and ISN usage frequency. We analysed if there was any relationship between the three variables in the natural context without any manipulation. Correlation analysis was carried out to examine the possible relationship between the variables. Five hundred and ten students from Cádiz and Seville universities volunteered to participate. The results confirmed the relation between social support and well-being when using ISN.