Una inflexión fracasada al espacio tradicional urbano argelinoel proyecto de las mil poblaciones socialistas

  1. Martín Castellanos, Antonio Javier
Miscelánea de estudios árabes y hebraicos. Sección Árabe-Islam

ISSN: 1696-5868

Year of publication: 1995

Issue: 44

Pages: 69-96

Type: Article

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This article describes the general characteristics of an algerian program about the experimentation of the urban space in the rural middle: 1000 socialistes villages project. It's analyzed the project's genesis, its realization and its result. With the performance of this program, the algerian régime was seeking to build a thousand of new villages settlement for labourers in the agricole statal sectors. There villages will have housing offered by the government, collective areas and a job in each village buildded. The article gives details about political and social implications originated the project at first and its definitive renunciation later, specially on account of to be technocratic project doesn't bear in mind the desires and feelings of the families are settled in the villages, families comings from the traditional islamic Algeria; also because of to be the project realized by statal services with the purpose of creating a politic clientelism and submission of the algerian peasantry to the régime.