Departament: Biología

Institut d'investigació: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Àrea: Ecologia

Grup d'investigació: Ecología Microbiana y Biogeoquímica


Àrees PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Alfonso Corzo Rodríguez (born 27-11-1959), Full Professor (since 2010). Bachelor in Biological Sciences (1981) and Doctor in Biological Sciences (1988), University of Málaga. POSTS TAKEN: Fellowship holder (CAICYT), University of Málaga, 1985-88. Postdoctoral Scholarship Holder (MEC), T.H. D. Darmstadt (D), 1988-89. Postdoctoral Scholarship (MEC), University of York (U.K.), 1989-90. Post-doctoral Fellowship (MEC), University of Malaga, 1990-93. Interim Fellow, University of Cadiz, 1993-95. University Professor, 1995-2010. RESEARCH: My research career has been characterized by a constant evolution in the topics for which I have been interested. From Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology during my doctoral thesis and the postdoc period to Microbial Ecology and Microbial Biogeochemistry at present. I coordinate the research group in Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry at the University of Cadiz ( working from the community to the ecosystem levels. Currently my research covers a wide variety of aquatic ecosystems: temperate and tropical estuarine zones, acid lakes, and biofilms in wastewater. In my laboratory, we study processes in both the water column and sediments, but we are particularly interested in the biogeochemical and microbial processes that occur at the sediment-water interface and on other microbial surfaces such as biofilms and microbial mats. We are the only national group with a long experience in the use of microsensors to measure at the micro-scale concentrations of O2, pH and H2S, etc, which allows us to study microbial activities at the µm spatial scale. These measurements are complemented with a wide range of other microbial ecology and geochemical techniques: stable isotopes, inorganic and organic nutrients and iron and sulphur speciation, etc. Our experimental approaches combine laboratory experimentation in microcosms or mesocosms under highly controlled conditions, in situ experiments, and field studies. I have participated in 26 research projects, national and international, being principal investigator in 10 of them in the last 10 years, contributing as PI to my university with > 1.500.000 Euros. I have published 54 articles in international ISI journals, 5 book chapters and another 18 publications in national journals or of more restricted outreach and more than 100 presentations in international and national congresses. I have directed or co-directed 8 doctoral theses, 20 honour’s and master's projects. I am currently co-directing another 2 doctoral theses. I have participated in infrastructure, scholarship and project evaluation committees at a regional, national, European and international level. I have participated in organizing committees of international congresses. I have reviewed scientific articles for many top-level journals and projects for ANEP, MINECO and foreign agencies (NSF, USA). I have made stays of different duration in foreign research centers (Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark). Positive evaluation of 5 research periods (sexenios) of research until 2016. Positive evaluation of 5 research periods by the Andalusian Quality Agency.