Department: Biología

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: Zoology

Research group: Conservación de Humedales Costeros


Áreas PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Influencia de las transformaciones humanas de hábitats costeros supralitorales sobre la ecología de la reproducción de la Cigüeñela Himantopus himantopus y la Avoceta Recurvirostra avosetta. En la Bahía de Cádiz aplicación a la gestión de espacios naturales protegidos 2000. Supervised by Dr. A. Pérez Hurtado.

Gonzalo Muñoz Arroyo, degree in Biology from the University of Seville and PhD in Marine Sciences from the University of Cádiz, has a permanent position as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology of the University of Cadiz. He currently belong to the Coastal Wetlands Conservation Research Group. I has also been the scientific coordinator of the MIGRES Foundation, where for 10 years he has directed the Migres Program, a program to monitor the migration of birds through the Strait of Gibraltar, promoted by the Andalusian Regional Government's Ministry of the Environment. Since 1994 I has developed different research projects in the following lines: Conservation and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas; Ecology and Conservation of Sea and Coastal Birds; Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Coastal Wetlands; Ecology of Movement: Migration, Conservation and Climate Change; Reproductive Biology and Population Dynamics of Sea and Coastal Birds. In recent years, he has led pioneering projects in Spain on the identification and valuation of ecosystem services in coastal wetlands, monitoring of bird migration by radar, as well as work applied to the conservation of seabirds and the conservation of marine protected areas. He has published more than 20 research papers in international indexed scientific journals, as well as in various book chapters. He has participated in more than 20 research and knowledge transfer projects in the last 10 years.