Sr-Nd isotopic heterogeneities in high-grade metamorphic conditions:an example from the anatectic complex of Toledo (Spain).

  1. Barbero González, Luis C.
  2. Rogers, G.
  3. Villaseca González, Carlos

ISSN: 0213-683X

Any de publicació: 1994

Número: 16

Pàgines: 31-34

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Geogaceta


Preliminary data on the study of Sr-Nd isotopes in metapelitic, restite-rich granitoids and anatectic leucogranites from the Anatectic Complex of Toledo (Centro-lberian Hercynian zone), reveal the absence of isotopic homogenization as it would be expected in a high grade metamorphic area in which important volumes of anatectic leucogranites are generated. Several factors as the short-lived metamorphic climax, the highly anhydrous conditions, and the source heterogeneity seem to be crucial for isotopic homogenization to be not achieved