El recetario de la Escuela de Salerno conocido como el "Antidotarium Nicolai"

  1. Vallejo Villalobos, José Ramón
  2. Cobos Bueno, José M.
Medicina naturista

ISSN: 1576-3080

Year of publication: 2013

Volume: 7

Issue: 1

Pages: 37-43

Type: Article

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Antidotarium Nicolai was considered to be a text of capital importance in medieval pharmacology to prepare prescriptions. The aim of this research paper is to offer an up-­to-­date synopsis about a work which was a key element in European pharmacopoeia. Our research is based on a combination of data and critical reviews from historical medical documents. The Antidotarium was written after Constantine with a very didactic proposal, which was of the main traits in the school of Salerno. It`s worth noting formulae using opium, Hyoscyamus niger L., Mandragora officinarum L., theriac preparations and Unguentum populeum.