El arrendamiento forzoso de vivienda

Supervised by:
  1. María José Puyalto Franco Director
  2. Isabel Zurita Martín Director

Defence university: Universitat de Lleida

Fecha de defensa: 08 March 2017

  1. Carlos Lasarte Álvarez Chair
  2. Adoración Padial Albás Secretary
  3. María Dolores Cervilla Garzón Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 459676 DIALNET lock_openTDX editor


The configuration and execution of compulsory home renting is the object of this doctoral thesis, which is focused on the following modalities: on the one hand, the compulsory constitution, consisting in an administrative imposition of the duty to conclude a lease; and, on the other hand, the compulsory extension, that entails a compulsory continuation as a legal effect of a voluntary lease. Nowadays, only remain compulsory extension to home renting concluded before 9 May 1985, and another instrument can be considered as an update of compulsory home renting: the temporary expropriation of housing use as a mechanism to lease empty dwellings. Finally, we consider its constitutionality and the possibility of creating some alternatives without depending on expropriation.