El videoCD, un formato a medida del profesor

  1. Ruiz Cagigas, Gonzalo
  2. Hurtado Rodríguez, Nuria
  3. Núñez Moraleda, Bernardo M.
  4. López Vázquez, Juan Manuel
EDUTEC: nuevas tecnologías en la formación flexible y a distancia
  1. Cabero Almenara, Julio (coord.)

Publisher: Sevilla : Universidad de Sevilla, Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Institucionales y Extensión Cultural, 1999

ISBN: 84-89673-81-0

Year of publication: 1999

Pages: 1-6

Type: Book chapter


VideoCD is a practically unheard Compact Disc Format, which allows one to hold fixed images, video and stereo audio with a high quality. This format lets, after a simple process, make our own interactive-video, in a practical, cheap and secure way. In order to be played in a classroom with PC´s fitted with a CD-ROM reader. This way, it becomes in a good format, for the teacher, who could improve the educational obtained results so far