Análisis de los estilos de aprendizaje predominantes entre los estudiantes de ciencias de la salud

  1. Rosety-Rodríguez, Manuel
  2. Ordóñez Muñoz, Francisco Javier
  3. Rosety Plaza, Manuel
Enfermería global: revista electrónica trimestral de enfermería

ISSN: 1695-6141

Year of publication: 2003

Volume: 2

Issue: 2

Type: Article

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The present study was designed to identify preferred learning styles from students of the Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Cadiz. In addition we also analysed them in the three courses of the career to appreciate if they had changed. To get both goals we applied a self-evaluation test, the Honey Alonso Learning Style Test. Our results showed the most preferred style was Reflexive followed in a decreased order by Pragmatic, Theoretical and Active. Besides, no significant differences were found among the preferred styles in the different courses of the speciality. Finally we may conclude these studies may be of particular interest in teaching field. Further studies are required to determine if one´s preferred styles may change with age.