Evaluación psicosocial en familias de personas con síndrome de Downun modelo de atención

  1. Paublete Herrera, María C.
  2. Guillén Gestoso, Carlos
  3. Lupiani Giménez, Mercedes
  4. Gala León, Francisco Javier
  5. Díaz Rodríguez, Mercedes
  6. Cano Valero, Mercedes
  7. Bas Sarmiento, Pilar
Psychosocial Intervention

ISSN: 1132-0559

Year of publication: 1996

Volume: 5

Issue: 13

Pages: 55-66

Type: Article

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The interest for the child's family with Down's Syndrome has increased due to the recognized role played in the development of the child's capacity, and by the professionals consideration, of the adaptation level and family adjustment in respect to the discapacity. Both prospects are not unilateral, not only it compliments it self, on the child's development it will depends the family adaptation level, which will have a repercussions on the development reached. Fruit of this focus arise numerous studies orientated on the family's reaction analysis against the diagnostic of D.S. which have contributed to the development of intervention programs which allows the use of strategies confronting the environmental adaptative demands. In this setting, in which we offer our analysis, describing different aspects of the family dynamic and their reactions under the prism of the stress model and suggesting a paradigm of intervention, flexible and considers the family variability