Análisis de la fiabilidad del comportamiento sismo resistente de los edificios de hormigón armado

  1. Bezzazi, M.
  2. Parrón Vera, Miguel Angel
  3. Rubio Cintas, M.ª Dolores
  4. López Almansa, Francisco
  5. El Ghoulbzouri, Abdelouafi
  6. Khamlichi, A.
Ingeniería civil

ISSN: 0213-8468

Year of publication: 2011

Issue: 162

Pages: 61-66

Type: Article

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Evaluation of seismw performance of reinforced concrete buildings is considered in thís work. Reliability of seismw design is assessed through the response surface concept which is used to deríve explicitly the failure function. Two limit states defined in terms of the total building roof displacement and maximum ínter story drift are analysed. The seismw behaviour of the building is examined by using conventional nonlinear static analysis (pushover) through finíte element computations conducted by means of ZeusNL software package. Three random variables characterizing material resistance varíations of concrete and reínforcement steel as well as the sum ofproportional heights of beams and columns are introduced. A complete factorial design ofexperiment table having three levels is used to define a finite set ofdata points where the failure functíon is evaluated before usíng these results to perform identification of the building response surface model via a polynomial regression. An application of this procedure is illustrated on a five story building and discussion of reliability in terms of the actual ductility coefficient of the building is achieved through both Monte Carlo method and FORM / SORM approximate method