Fitónimos albacetenses, algo más que palabras

  1. Fajardo Rodríguez, José
  2. Verde López, Alonso
  3. Rivera Núñez, Diego
  4. Obón de Castro, Concepción
  5. Bustamante Costa, Joaquín
  6. Valdés Franzi, Arturo
  7. García Botía, José
Sabuco: Revista de estudios albacetenses

ISSN: 1577-2969

Year of publication: 2013

Issue: 9

Pages: 133-173

Type: Article

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As a result of ethnobotanical research of Albacete´s province, we have compiled the plant common names or phytonyms. In this article, we analyse the importance of some of these words. We want to show an overview of this Cultural Heritage, deeping in their ethymological origin and their meaning. We analyze, also, the features of the origin of common plant names and how interpreting it. We consider the links between phytonyms and toponymy.