"Algunas cuestiones sobre el practicum en el grado de relaciones laborales y recursos humanos"

  1. Ferradans Caramés, Carmen
  2. Pérez Monguió, José María
Trabajo: Revista iberoamericana de relaciones laborales

ISSN: 1136-3819

Year of publication: 2012

Issue Title: Innovación y calidad en la enseñanza de las Relaciones Laborales y los Recursos Humanos

Issue: 27

Pages: 93-103

Type: Article

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The point of this work is to analyse the functionality of practicum, a subject in the Labor Relations & Human Resources Degree Course, to acquire some general skills and specific competencies. We describe the appropriateness of work experience as part of the degree course as they allow the student to acquire skills that cannot be taught the same in the classroom. To make it easy to achieive the set goals with this work experience, we propose Guidelines, the figure of a Work Experience Coordinator for the degree and naming internal tutors and mentors in the company for the work experience students. We also present some materials that will help in the assessment process, the Report of the Work Experience carried out by the student and evaluation questionnaires to be completed by the external tutor.