The globe thermometer in comfort and environmental studies in buildings

  1. Pablo Aparicio
  2. José Manuel Salmerón
  3. Álvaro Ruiz
  4. Francisco José Sánchez
  5. Luisa Brotas
Revista de la Construcción

ISSN: 0718-915X 0717-7925

Any de publicació: 2016

Volum: 15

Número: 3

Pàgines: 57-66

Tipus: Article

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The reasons for the inferior performance of many existing buildings and associated energy systems are diverse, but an important part-cause is insufficient attention to the influence of occupant behaviour. In smart buildings it is necessary to allow for the integration of human behaviour in the HVAC system. In addition, many researchers are limited in their investigation by not having low cost tools that can provide information for their studies. This article is a review of the present state of art about the globe thermometer. It describes how to build your own globe temperature sensor and describes experiments that illustrate the feasibility of using a black globe thermometer with 40 mm diameter.