El proceso migratorio de las mujeres marroquíesproducción, reproducción y transformación de las identidades de género y culturales

  1. Carrasco Tristancho, Rosario Cinta
Supervised by:
  1. Mar Gallego Durán Director

Defence university: Universidad de Huelva

Fecha de defensa: 04 July 2011

  1. María Pilar Cuder Domínguez Chair
  2. Inmaculada Díaz Narbona Secretary
  3. Asunción Aragón Varo Committee member
  4. Alida Carloni Franca Committee member
  5. Carmen Gregorio Gil Committee member

Type: Thesis


This PhD thesis is divided into two parts: firstly, a conceptual introduction to the key theoretical and methodological bases. namely qualitative research and gender critica! theory; and secondly. thcse concepts are applied and analyzed in the specific case of the migratory process of Maroccan women in Andalusia. The first part includes a deep reflection on issues such as migratory processes, gender and multiculturalism; the constructed nature of body and identity; the methodology of exclusion and that of inclusion. In thc second part the gendered identity and positioning of Southern Mediterrancan women are explored, together with their situations once they arrive in Andalusia. Lastly. the results ofthe interviews are examined in two phases: firstly. there is an individual account of each interview and then, a collective interpretation of all of them with a twofold structure: to register the migratory process and the effects on both the cultural and gendercd identities of the people interviewed.