Form finding of tensegrity structures based on familiesThe octahedron family

  1. Manuel Alejandro Fernández Ruiz
  2. Luisa María Gil-Martín
  3. Juan Francisco Carbonell Marquez
  4. Enrique Hernández Montes
CMMoST 2019: 5th International Conference on Mechanical Models in Structural Engineering
  1. Baeza de los Santos, F. Javier (coord.)
  2. Gómez Sánchez, Yordhana (coord.)

Publisher: Editorial Club Universitario (ECU)

ISBN: 978-84-17924-58-4 978-84-17924-22-5

Year of publication: 2019

Pages: 369-378

Congress: International Conference on Mechanical Models in Structural Engineering (5. 2019. Alicante)

Type: Conference paper


Tensegrity structures are composed by pre-stressed pin-jointed compression (struts) and tensión (cables) members that are self-equilibrated. They have had a great development in the last years owing to their ingenious forms, lightweight, deployability and controllability. A challenge related to the design of tensegrity structures is the determination of the force densities during the form-finding process that leads to a stable tensegrity. In this work, the octahedron tensegrity is used as a source of new tensegrity forms. A family of tensegrity structures is a group of them that share a common connectivity pattern. A set of force densities that achieve an equilibrium shape of tensegrities based on the octahedron family was computed analytically. Several examples are shown.