Estudio textural y morfológico de películas finas de diamante metaestable

  1. J.M. García Ruiz 1
  2. J.D. Martín Ramos
  3. Russ Messier 2
  4. Joaquín Martín Calleja
  1. 1 Universidad de Granada (Facultad de Ciencias)
  2. 2 Materials Research Laboratory. Pennsylvania State University.
Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Mineralogía

ISSN: 0210-6558

Year of publication: 1991

Volume: 14

Issue: 0

Pages: 1-6

Type: Article

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Diamond, the cubic phase of carbon, has been manufactured synthetically as a thin films at temperature below 1000 °C and atpresure below one atmosphere. Theoretical morphology of the crystals were calculated by different methods. The study of growth morphology was made by scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray texture camera. Twinned crystals with spinel law and single crystals were unambiguosly detected by using both techniques, as well as the crystal orientation along {111} of the film.