FTP: FastTest PlugIn, aplicación para crear grandes bancos de preguntas de diferentes tipos para la plataforma Moodle

  1. Milagros Huerta Gómez de Merodio 1
  2. Manuel Alejandro Fernández Ruiz 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Cádiz

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Cádiz, España

    ROR https://ror.org/04mxxkb11

Innovaciones docentes en tiempos de pandemia. Actas del VI congreso internacional sobre aprendizaje, innovación y cooperación, CINAIC 2021
  1. María Luisa Sein-Echaluce Lacleta (coord.)
  2. Ángel Fidalgo Blanco (coord.)
  3. Francisco José García Peñalvo (coord.)

Publisher: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad de Zaragoza

ISBN: 978-84-18321-17-7

Year of publication: 2021

Pages: 643-648

Congress: Congreso Internacional sobre Aprendizaje, Innovación y Cooperación (6. 2021. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


This last year, the teaching methodology has drastically changed, especially for those centres with entirely in-person education. One of the challenges that teachers have faced has been preparing online exams in which students could not copy the answers. Many teachers asked ourselves during lockdown how to evaluate students’ learning while preventing the solutions from being copied, provided that the exams were online. This paper explains how to solve part of this problem. To do so, an application that began to be developed in 2011 using Excel has retrieved. This app helps to generate plenty of similar problems/questions with different figures for the Moodle platform. The application has improved to offer it to the educational community so that it is easier to understand for users who are not computer literate. This paper provides a brief description of how it works and the results obtained after surveying teachers who have taken a course on it.