La futura intrascendencia jurídica del concepto “Aledaños” en la prevención de la violencia en el Deporte

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Revista Aranzadi de derecho de deporte y entretenimiento

ISSN: 2171-5556

Any de publicació: 2020

Número: 68

Tipus: Article

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Violence in sport is a problem that remains latent in different sports competitions, specifically in football. Despite the existence of a broad regulatory framework, they continue to produce violent outbreaks during the celebration of sporting events. The main norm against violence in sport, Law 19/2007, delimit its scope of application to official state-level sports competitions in sports venues, its surroundings and organized means of transport when tales related to a sports phenomenon However, it is necessary to take into account the trends they are adopting in other types of mega sporting events in the field of violence prevention that would allow questioning the need and effectiveness of the existence of a limitation in the scope.