Competencias para la empleabilidad en la era digitaluna aproximación en el arco de la bahía de Algeciras

  1. María José Foncubierta Rodríguez 1
  2. José María Lara Medina
  1. 1 Universidad de Cádiz

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Cádiz, España


Almoraima: revista de estudios campogibraltareños

ISSN: 1133-5319

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 52

Pages: 239-252

Type: Article

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Human Resources are considered by literature to be the most valuable asset in organisations. Their value lies mainly in the difficulty of imitating their competences, knowledge and skills. In the new digital era, technology has become an essential element of organizations, giving rise to a strategic dependence on digital resources and changing the way they operate. The continuous technological innovations generate the need to acquire new skills and update some of those already held. The purpose of this study is to verify the importance of certain digital competences, as well as assessing the degree of preparation in this regard of the active population, in the face of the new challenges of the new era, in the Bay of Algeciras. The results conclude that it is necessary to implement training activities to alleviate certain significant deficits in this sense.