Underground images from the cultural landscape of Idomeni, Kilkis, Northern Greece

  1. Pedro Trapero Fernandez
  2. Magdalini Parcharidou
  3. Apostolos Sarris
  4. Tsioumas Michael
  5. Eleni Kotjabopoulou
3rd CAA-GR Conference

ISBN: 9789963697366

Year of publication: 2018

Type: Conference paper


Recent excavations (2015), by the Ephorate of Antiquities at Kilkis, following initial exploration in 2007 by theIST' Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, to the south of the modern village ofΙdomeni, Kilkis, Northern Greece, revealed a cemetery of the Middle Byzantine Period and a number of pit formations of a Neolithic settlement, one of the few known in the region and the only one under systematic research. Based onthis, a geophysical project has been organized in an attempt to explore the wider area of the cemetery/settlementand map the cultural landscape of the surroundings.The indications that have emerged from the results of the combined application of magnetic, electromagnetic,electrical and GPR surveys suggest that the Neolithic habitation and possibly the Byzantine cemetery werelimited to the hill on which excavations have been carried out. In the surrounding areas where there was a highdensity of ceramic fragments, residues most probably of the more recent past have been detected.The geophysical and excavation research have given results that delineate the cultural landscape and itstransformations from a diachronic perspective.