First record of Nymphaea × marliacea Lat.-Marl. ‘Rosea’ in the Iberian Peninsulaidentification based on morphological features and molecular techniques.

  1. Elías D. Dana 1
  2. Filip Verloove 2
  3. Daniel Guillot Ortiz 3
  4. José Luis Rodríguez-Marzal 4
  5. Francisco Paredes-Carretero 4
  6. José Luis Juan Bañón 5
  7. Encarnación Esteban 4
  8. Juan García-de-Lomas 6
  1. 1 Universidad de Almería, España
  2. 2 Botanic Garden of Meise, Belgium
  3. 3 Hortax. Cultivated Plant Taxonomy Group., España
  4. 4 Junta de Andalucía, España
  5. 5 Instituto Valenciano de Microbiología, España
  6. 6 Universidad de Cádiz, España

ISSN: 1988-4257

Year of publication: 2018

Issue: 27

Pages: 71-78

Type: Article

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This work reports the first population of Nymphaea × marliacea ‘Rosea’ in the wild in the Iberian Peninsula. The population is the southernmost known so far in Europe and is located under the warmest climate type of all European populations of N. × marliacea. Nymphaea × marliacea is an artificial hybrid raised by J. B. Latour-Marliac at the end of the 19th century. Identification of the species was faced by molecular techniques and based on morphological characters. Molecular techniques did not allow to conclude about its identity, surely due to errors in the assignation of sequences recorded in GenBank. Nomenclatural and taxonomic issues are discussed and information about ecological features is reviewed.