Otherness and National Identity in 19th-Century Spanish Literature

  1. Marieta Cantos Casenave coord.
  2. Daniel Muñoz Sempere coord.

Publisher: Brill

ISBN: 978-90-04-51980-0 978-90-04-51533-8

Year of publication: 2022

Type: Book


Which were the mechanisms by which certain groups were positioned at the margins of national narratives during the nineteenth century, either via their exclusion from these narratives of through their incorporation into them as ‘others’? By engaging with shifting ideas of exclusion and difference, the authors in this book reflect upon the paradoxical centrality of the subaltern at a time when literature was deployed as a tool for nation building. The lasting presence of the Jewish and Moorish legacy, the portrayal of gypsy characters, or the changing notions of femininity in public discourse exemplify the ways in which images of marginal ‘types’ played a central role in the configuration of the very idea of Spanishness.