Defectology Characterization of FDM Drilled Parts

  1. M. Batista
  2. D. Piñero
  3. M. Ramírez
  4. P. F. Mayuet
  5. R. Bienvenido
  6. J. M. Vázquez
9th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference

Argitaletxea: Universidad de Gijón

ISBN: 978-84-09-29229-5

Argitalpen urtea: 2021

Mota: Biltzar ekarpena


Since its emergence, the industry has made great efforts to implement additive manufacturing processes in its production systems. However, to achieve this use, the precision of the parts must also be guaranteed. But it is not yet possible to achieve the characteristics required in certain industrial sectors like the aeronautical where highly rigorous requirements are related to the assembled parts. In this way, alternatives arise, such as the use of machining to obtain the precision required. This concept has been applied for some time to metal parts obtained through additive manufacturing, but not so much to polymer parts. For this reason, given that it is expected that polymeric parts will be used in aeronautical structures, these will have to be machined to obtain the required geometric characteristics. Therefore, in this article, a parametric study of the quality of the holes made in parts obtained by Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) will be carried out.