En la Salud y en la Enfermedad: El relato de una cuidadora

  1. Belén Gutiérrez Baena
  2. Carmen Romero Grimaldi
Archivos de la Memoria

ISSN: 1699-602X

Year of publication: 2018

Issue: 15

Type: Article

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Informal care is booming due to quality life improvements and health care advances that increases life expectancy. This type of care is usually made at home by a direct relative, who is known as principal caregiver. The caregiver undergoes sudden and significant changes on his/her quality of life and health. Given that it is a social problem, the objective is to know the experiences and feelings of a caregiver through her first-person words. This biographical report shows how the society have evolved, as well as the development of its habits, the differences that existed according to work and the role of women, the loneliness, all healthcare given to her husband, the feeling of guilt and the adaptation to a new dependent situation. Moreover, it is considered that caring is an inherent situation in marriage.