Department: Historia, Geografía y Filosofía

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: Prehistory

Research group: El Círculo del Estrecho, Estudio Arqueológico y Arqueométrico de las Sociedades desde la Prehistoria a la Antigüedad Tardía


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Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Análisis arqueomalacológico del Abrigo y Cueva de Benzú (Ceuta) el aprovechamiento de los recursos acuáticos por sociedades prehistóricas en la región histórica del Estrecho de Gibraltar 2012. Supervised by Dr. José Ramos Muñoz, Dr. Milagrosa Casimiro-Soriguer.

I got my doctorate in 2012 with a thesis on the exploitation of marine molluscs in the shelter and cave of Benzú (Ceuta) in the regional context of the Strait of Gibraltar (North of Africa and South of the Iberian Peninsula) with which I obtained the maximum qualification (cum laude), thesis that was directed by professors José Ramos and Milagrosa C-Soriguet. Since then my line of research has focused on: - Archaeomalacological analysis of prehistoric and ancient societies in the historical region of the Strait of Gibraltar. - Social and economic analysis of Paleolithic hunter-gatherer, Neolithic community tribal and initial class societies of Recent Prehistory in the geohistorical region of the Strait of Gibraltar. Much of this work has been carried out within the framework of the PAI-HUM-440 Group (Andalusian Research Plan) and the Marine Research Institute (INMAR), of the University of Cádiz. - I have been Secretary and Member of the Editorial Board of the Atlantic-Mediterranean Journal of Prehistory and Social Archeology published by Editorial of the University of Cádiz. I am currently an Editor. - Interim Substitute Professor of Prehistory at the University of Cádiz since April 2020. - I have been a professor of the Postgraduate Master's Degree in Historical-Archaeological Heritage at the University of Cádiz in the courses 2011/2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2019, and at the Doctoral School of the University of Cádiz in 2015. - I have attended numerous National and International Conferences. - I have given (+50) lectures in various academic and scientific forums. - I currently participate as a researcher in numerous projects with the universities of Cádiz, Autónoma de Madrid and La Laguna, as well as with the National Museum of Roman Art in Mérida. - Accredited by ANECA as Assistant Professor Doctor, Private University Professor and Hired Professor Doctor. - Corresponding Member of the Instituto de Estudios Ceuties, a center attached to the CSIC, and Honorary Member of the Duartiano Institute of the Dominican Republic. See my CV developed in publications in Magazines, Books, Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings in: