Departamento: Enfermería y Fisioterapia

Área: Fisioterapia

Grupo de investigación: Empowering Health by Physical Activity, Exercise and Nutrition


Áreas PAIDI: Ciencias y Técnicas de la Salud

Doctor por la Universidad de Málaga con la tesis Estudio y análisis cinemático de personas mayores frágiles basado en sensores inerciales 2012. Dirigida por Dr/a. María Teresa Labajos Manzanares, Dr/a. Antonio Ignacio Cuesta Vargas.

My professional career and my overall life have been devoted to different tasks related with teaching, research and clinical practice in the Physiotherapy field. I began my academic qualifications with a BSc in the physical education field, then, I graduated as Physiotherapist and, after that, I completed a Master´s Degree in Research Methodology. Finally, I completed a Doctoral Program at the University of Málaga. I started my professional career in 2008 in the public company of the Local Sports Council of Torremolinos (Málaga), and this was the beginning of my teaching-research career, since I played a role as clinical tutor of students of the BSc Physiotherapy. From 2008, I actively take part in two research groups related with the physiotherapy field: PAIDI Research Group (group CTS631), and an emerging group member of the Instituto de investigación biomédica de Málaga (Institute of Biomedical Research), IBIMA (A-14). I have completed my studies by one of the leading world researchers from my knowledge area (Prof. Antonio Cuesta-Vargas, Spain). Working in his group allowed me to learn the workflow of international front-line groups in physiotherapy, and this granted me the possibility to collaborate with other researchers from the EU (Prof. Jonathan Williams, UK). Actually, I take part in the "Move It" Research Group together with Prof. David Jimenez Pavón. Works on this group, provide me the possibility to grow up in my internationalization and try to do my bit and experience.