Département: Filología Clásica (Griega y Latina)

Domaine: Filología Griega

Groupe de recherche: Estudio Filológico de Textos Helenísticos y Tardíos

Email: rafael.galle@uca.es

Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Docteur à l Universidad de Cádiz avec la thèse Las cartas de Aristeneto. Estudio introductorio, edicion revisada, traduccion y comentario 1995. Dirigée par Dr/a. José Guillermo Montes Cala.

Rafael J. Gallé Cejudo took his PhD in Classics at the University of Cádiz (1993), where he is currently Professor of Greek Philology. His research interests include the study of prose and poetry from the Hellenistic, Imperial and late periods and, more specifically, the phenomena of prosification and “poetization”. In this last stage, his research is more focused on the study of the referential role of Hellenistic elegy in the thematic migrations between prose and verse, and on the concept of History as poetic content within the Hellenistic poetry. He is author of numerous publications, articles and book chapters, published in the most prestigious journals of Classical Philology and Classics publishing houses (De Gruyter, Peeters, Brill, Gredos, Levante Editori, Ediciones Clásicas, etc.). Due to its novelty and editorial impact his Spanish translation of Aristaenetus and Philostratus’ Epistles should be highlighted in particular, as well as his critical edition of the Elegíacos helenísticos (collection Alma Mater-CSIC).