Department: Filología Francesa e Inglesa

Research institute: Instituto de Lingüística Aplicada (ILA)

Area: English Philology

Research group: Lenguas y Lingüística Aplicada en Contextos Internacionales


Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis English pronunciation and production tendencies in Gibraltar 2004. Supervised by Dr. Angel Rosado García.

David Levey was born in London, studied in Warwick (UK) but has lived most of his adult life in Spain where he has been a university lecturer for almost 30 years. He is currently works at the University of Cádiz (Spain) where he lectures in Accents of English, Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics. His research interests include accent variation, language contact and change, speech perception, language testing and evaluation and pronunciation pedagogy. As well as publishing books and articles on various aspects of language acquisition, he has written extensively on the language situation in Gibraltar.