Department: Química Física

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: Physical Chemistry

Research group: Ecotoxicología acuática, monitorización y salud: integración de respuestas multinivel


Áreas PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Evaluación de la calidad ambiental de sistemas litorales y de estuario utilizando ensayos en campo y laboratorio 2004. Supervised by Dr. Tomás Angel del Valls Casillas, Dr. Diego Sales Márquez.

I am currently full professor at the University of Cadiz (UCA) (2010) and member of the Universitary Marine Research Institute (INMAR). My research activity has been developed in the area of environmental ecotoxicology. This research activity deserved the First National Prize for Research and Technological Innovation against Maritime Pollution (2011). It has been demonstrated my capacity for regular production of results and their dissemination in reference journals included in the JCR of the SCI (hindex=28; Total citations=2129). Thus, a total of 74 indexed publications are presented (with a number of authors mostly below four, 70% Q1 and 15% D1) and the co- authorship in 3 patents. In total, I accumulate 34 months of being research visiting staff: University of Plymouth (UK), US Environmental Protection Agency (USA), Environment Canada (Canada), University of Bologna (Italy), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA; Granted by Fulbright Program); and being invited professor: University of Plymouth (UK), University of Bologna (Italy). My experience has allowed me to participate in 24 competitive research contracts/projects (National and Autonomous Community Plans) and international level. In four of them, I have been Principal Researcher. I had to manage as principal researcher of projects a total budget of 734.000 euro. Research financing has contributed to the supervision of 17 master thesis, 8 PhD Thesis (4 Extraordinary Doctorate Award) (actual situacion: 2 professors - Pontificia de Valparaíso University-Chile; 1 researcher-Estadual Paulista University-Brasil; 1 professor- Arturo Prat University-Chile; 1 posdoctoral researcher-BolognaUniversity-Italy; 1 freelance senior science copywriter), and 2 PhD thesis which are in progress. I have also supervised predoctoral and posdoctoral students from different countries performing research stays in my laboratory. I am currently Coordinator of the Doctorate Program “Management and Conservation of the Sea” of the University of Cadiz (2016 -present). I have actively participated in different AUIP Agreements between the University of Cadiz and the University of Mexico-UNAM, University of Ecuador-Eloy Alfaro, the University of Colombia- del Valle and -Magdalena (Colombia). These agreements have allowed the incorporation of students from Latin-American countries in the University of Cadiz PhD programs to perform their PhD. I am involved in research and academic management, and doing science in the fields of marine contamination and climate change, with impact in the academics and the general public (media and public-scientific events). At the present time, I coordinate a H2020 funded under a SWAFS (Science with and for Society). I have received the “Unstoppable Woman Award 2021” from the nationally recognized association “Red Profesional-Mujeres Imparables”. Thanks to this experience, I have created an excellent network of international (more than 33 international co-authors) and national collaborators, acquired strong scientific maturity, and reinforced my leadership and independent thinking in environmental toxicology, concretely in the application of biomarkers in monitoring anthropogenic stress agents in marine environment.