Department: Historia, Geografía y Filosofía

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación Marina (INMAR)

Area: Prehistory

Research group: El Círculo del Estrecho, Estudio Arqueológico y Arqueométrico de las Sociedades desde la Prehistoria a la Antigüedad Tardía


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Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Sevilla with the thesis Yacimientos líticos y poblamiento humano prehistórico del Alto Vélez (ríos Sabar y Guaro. Málaga) 1987.

- My homeland is Torre del Mar (Malaga, Spain) (14-10-1960). - I have a degree in History from the University of Malaga and a PhD in History from the University of Seville. - My teachers have been Dr. Enrique Vallespí Pérez (University of Seville) and Dr. Oswaldo Arteaga Matute (University of Seville and German Archaeological Institute DAI). - I have worked a lot with Dr. Hermanfrid Schubart and the German Archaeological Institute. - I am Professor of Prehistory at the University of Cadiz since 1998, Full Professor since 1997 and Professor of Prehistory since 2010. - I have been Erasmus visiting professor at the Universities of Faro (Portugal), Köln (Germany), Nantes (France), Rennes (France). - I have been lecturer in 3 courses of the Erasmus Mundus Master of the National Museum of Natural History-Institute of Human Palaeontology (Paris, France). - I have had a great regularity and continuity in projects, contracts and publications linked especially to the following lines of research: - Social and economic analysis of Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer and Neolithic communal tribal societies of Recent Prehistory in the geohistoric region of the Strait of Gibraltar. - Geoarchaeological study of the natural environment, archaeometry and palaeoecology of archaeological and biological products. - Study of marine resources and coastal settlement of prehistoric societies. - Studies of Palaeolithic art in Cueva de Ardales (Málaga) and Campo de Gibraltar. - Much of this work has been carried out within the framework of the PAI-HUM-440 Group (Andalusian Research Plan), for which I am the Researcher in charge: - I am editor of the Revista Atlántica-Mediterránea de Prehistoria y Arqueología Social (24 published volumes), published by the Publications Service of the University of Cádiz. - I have attended numerous (over 95) national and international conferences. - I have given more than 115 lectures in different academic and scientific forums. See my extended C.V. (publications in Journals, Books, Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings) at:éRamosMuñoz, See articles in JCR at: - I am currently working on several projects related to the sites of Cueva de Ardales, Sima de las Palomas de Teba, rock art in Cádiz, Neolithic sites in the Bay of Cádiz and Benzú (Ceuta). - I have supervised 15 doctoral theses, 7 DEA theses or similar, 17 TFMs, 4 TFGs. I am currently supervising 4 Doctoral Theses and several TFMS and TFGs. - At present I have 5 six-year research periods (last granted: 2009-2014), 6 five-year teaching periods and 5 sections of the Complementos Autonómicos by the Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa de la Junta de Andalucía (Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Andalusian Government).