Department: Estadistica e Investigación Operativa

Research institute: Instituto para el Desarrollo Social Sostenible (INDESS)

Area: Statistics and Operations Research

Research group: Orel-Optimización de Recursos, Estadística, Transporte y Logística


Áreas PAIDI: Física, Química y Matemáticas

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Problemas de localización con normas lp 2011. Supervised by Dr. Antonio Manuel Rodríguez Chía.

Concepción Valero‐Franco ( holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Seville and a PhD from the University of Cádiz, where she currently fulfils the position of Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research. Her lines of research and transfer currently focus on Location, Optimization, Applied Statistics and Education, areas in which she has published various research papers in high‐impact academic journals. Furthermore, she has collaborated on several national and international projects.