Department: Historia, Geografía y Filosofía

Area: Ancient History

Research group: Patrimonio Histórico de Andalucía en la Antigüedad

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Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis El paisaje socio-natural de la Bahía de Cádiz análisis histórico de su formación 2021. Supervised by Dr. José Antonio Ruiz Gil, Dr. Lázaro Gabriel Lagóstena Barrios.

Researcher associated with the Unit of Geodetection, Analysis and Georeferencing of Historical Heritage, belonging to the University Institute of Viticultural and Agrifood Research (IVAGRO) of the University of Cadiz. In my work experience I have more than 50 archaeological and geophysical surveys contracts carried out in different regions of Spain and Portugal during the period 2017-2022. I also have publications both in journals and book chapters (some of them in second revision, others accepted with publication date) and a total of 24 conferences. All this information is published in my academic profile. I did my PhD within the Cei-mar programme: Maritime History and Archaeology, through a pre-doctoral contract. I defended a doctoral thesis with international mention: "The socio-natural landscape of the Bay of Cadiz. Historical analysis of its formation". During this period, I carried out two stays in international R+D+i centres: University of Glasgow, College of Arts, supervised by Professor Rachel Opitz. During this 3-month period, I specialised in the handling and processing of LiDAR data applied to the archaeological landscape. Another pre-doctoral stay was spent at La Maison de les Sciences de L'home et de L'environnement Research Institute, Besançon, France, under the supervision of Professors Laure Nuninger and Rachel Opitz. During my one-month stay, I participated in a workshop on GIS applications in archaeology, as well as refining the methodology and application of remote sensing and GIS for my research. Throughout my training period, I acquired five years of teaching experience, in which I taught on the History degree and the Over-65s Classroom; all the subjects were part of the Ancient History Area. In terms of Knowledge Transfer, I have been a member of 5 Teaching Innovation projects, one of them “Flipped Classroom: Propuesta metodológica para la Teledocencia en Humanidades”, awarded with the Mention of Excellence. Other results have included the coordination of two conferences on teaching innovation, the publication of a book on Teaching Challenges in the Humanities (ISBN: 978-84-09-26140-6), as well as the participation in scientific dissemination projects and the presentation of results. During my postdoctoral period I have carried out two archaeological directions. The first one, as a Freelance Archaeologist with an “Permiso de Intervención Arqueológica en relación con el proyecto de investigación La Cultural de las Motillas: La Motilla del Retamar. Ayto. Argamasilla de Alba, proyectos de investigación del patrimonio arqueológico y paleontológico de Castilla La Mancha. The second, was contracted as a researcher at the University of Cadiz: “Actividad Arqueológica Puntual de documentación gráfica en 3D del Edificio de la Basílica y de la Vivienda Alberca. Yacimiento arqueológico de Madinat al-Zahra (Córdoba)”. I am currently involved in an international collaboration with the University of Évora participating in the project: "Turismo arqueológico no Alentejo presente ao pasado", coordinated by Prof. B. Caldeira, which will last from January to June 2023. The research lines I am working on are: “Geographic Information Systems applied to the study of the Ancient Historical Landscape” and “Remote Sensing Systems and Teledection applied to Historical-Archaeological research”.