Department: Química Física

Area: Physical Chemistry

Research group: Simulación, Caracterización y Evolución de Materiales

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Áreas PAIDI: Física, Química y Matemáticas

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Development of 2d metallic nanomaterials for nanofluids with application in concentrating solar power (desarrollo de nanomateriales 2d metálicos para nanofluidos con aplicación en energía solar de concentración) 2021. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Javier Navas, Dr. David Zorrilla Cuenca.

I.C.-B. is PhD in Nanoscience and Technology of Materials (University of Cadiz, 2021). His research activity has been focused on, but not limited to, the development of novel materials for energy applications, including heat transfer nanofluids for next-generation concentrating solar power plants and encapsulated phase change materials for sustainable architecture. He has contributed to the understanding of the role of interactions between chemical species at solid-liquid interfaces on the energy storage and transfer processes, which in turn eases the transition from basic research to actual application by promoting a faster development and better exploitation of these materials. I.C.-B. has assumed a personal commitment with scientific dissemination, by taking part in different projects and activities for the general public to acknowledge the importance of research on new materials as a way to improve our living standards in many different aspects, and also with the high-education of undergraduate students, for them to become future experts that contribute to the general interest.