Department: Biomedicina, Biotecnología y Salud Pública

Research institute: Instituto de Investigación e Innovación en Ciencias Biomédicas (INiBICA)

Area: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Personal web:

I am currently a Principal Investigator (i3/R3-certified researcher) and the Head of the Lipid Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases Group (INiBICA Group EM31) within the Department of Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cádiz (Spain). In my laboratory, we use a combination of disease models (our newly developed human liver chimeric mice, transgenic mice, and cellular systems), along with interdisciplinary approaches (physiological and metabolic studies in vivo, ex vivo biochemical analyses, and cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 liver-targeted genome engineering) to identify relevant pathways involved in the progression of lipid-related disorders and to manipulate these pathways in order to treat the diseases. Our main research focus is on the determination of the metabolic alterations leading to the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common chronic liver disease worldwide. We are also actively working on the development of liver-targeted gene therapy strategies for the treatment of NAFLD and related co-morbidities (such as dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases). Laboratory website: CV (in Spanish):