La armonía de la músicaPlanteamientos metodológicos y didácticos

  1. Gordillo Hernández, Jerónimo
Supervised by:
  1. Amalia Magdalena Gragera Alonso Director
  2. Manuel Vizuete Carrizosa Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Fecha de defensa: 11 December 2015

  1. Enrique Muñoz Rubio Chair
  2. Teresa Fraile Prieto Secretary
  3. Sara Román García Committee member
  4. José Luis Pastor Pradillo Committee member
  5. Eva Martín López Committee member

Type: Thesis


It is said that Harmony is one of the most unpleasing courses of the Music Curriculum in music schools. Strict teachers and heavy study books turn the subject into "something that needs to be passed" to continue and accomplish the studies of Music. This thesis analyzes some pedagogy and education of Harmony, goes over its evolution throughout the History, and does a survey to the Harmony teachers in the region, in order to find out, on the one hand, the current circumstances of the course and, on the other hand, defined actions to change that unfavourable perception of Harmony. Therefore, this thesis proposes itself as a tool to improve the quality of Harmony teaching and to enhance the students' implication in the Harmony subject.