Arte, vida y redes sociales de internetel artista en los inicios del siglo XXI. Nuevos paradigmas

  1. López López, Marta
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Luis Moraza Director

Defence university: Universidade de Vigo

Fecha de defensa: 07 September 2017

  1. Juan Martín Prada Chair
  2. Chelo Matesanz Secretary
  3. Sandra Vieira Jürgens Committee member

Type: Thesis


“Art, Life and Social Media: The Artist at the Beginning of the 21st Century. New Paradigms” is set within a context of global hyperconnection, in which roughly 3 billion people -46% of the world’s population- are connected to the Internet, and around 1.5 billion users have an account on the social network par excellence: Facebook (2004-). Simultaneously, there has been increasing growth in the presence of art on social media platforms since the turn of the ‘new millennium’. Therefore, the hypothesis of this research deals with the ‘previously unheard-of perspectives’ that networks have brought along for the artist -beyond creating works ‘on’ or ‘about’ the platforms- and, by extension for the world of art in the West. With that aim, an in-depth study has been carried out starting from the main precursors of net art and reaching the current ‘Web 2.0’. Specifically, 50 professionals in international contemporary art have been interviewed, classed on the basis of the following profiles: artists who do use social media (17), artists who do not use social media (2), expert teachers (4), specialists in artistic education (2), critics and art historians (5), curators (4), art museum directors and technicians (4), galleries (6) and collectors (6). As a consequence, it has been possible to verify that, to a greater or lesser extent, the artists who do use these platforms are being conditioned by: 1)- the constitution of a virtual identity based on all types of motivations and contents, 2)- the incursion of factors that can alter their creative processes, 3)- the arrival of a new experience and, therefore, a new spectator and, among other specific points, 4)- international projection and communication with the different players in art today.