La gestion de la comunicacion en la empresa familiar

  1. Pedro Pablo Marín Dueñas
  2. Juan José Mier-Terán Franco
  3. Carmen Lasso de la Vega González
Cuadernos de estudios empresariales

ISSN: 1131-6985

Year of publication: 2018

Issue: 28

Pages: 55-78

Type: Article

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The importance of family businesses to the national economy is a proven fact, as the relevance of proper management of communication has to achieve business objectives and improve results. Considering this dual perspective, the objective of this research is the analysis of communicative management that family businesses conducted through a quantitative methodology based on a survey conducted personnel responsible for managing this communication. The results show that the management that the family business does of its communication is in a primary state, dedicating few resources to it, concluding with a series of recommendations to improve management