New, fast and green procedure for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles based on sonocatalysis

  1. Cubillana-Aguilera, L.M.
  2. Franco-Romano, M.
  3. Gil, M.L.A.
  4. Naranjo-Rodríguez, I.
  5. Hidalgo-Hidalgo De Cisneros, J.L.
  6. Palacios-Santander, J.M.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

ISSN: 1350-4177

Year of publication: 2011

Volume: 18

Issue: 3

Pages: 789-794

Type: Article

DOI: 10.1016/J.ULTSONCH.2010.10.009 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor