Análisis del desarrollo del sector de la automoción en Marruecos

  1. Anouar Bakkali
  2. María José Foncubierta Rodríguez 1
  1. 1 Universidad de Cádiz

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Cádiz, España


Gestión Joven

ISSN: 1988-9011

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 21

Issue: 4

Pages: 7-26

Type: Article

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The aim of this paper is to analyse the situation of the automotive sector in Morocco, identifying the main reasons why a lot of multinationals in the automotive industry have considered the North African country to be an ideal location for making significant investments. Data related to the evolution of the production and export of vehicles in the last years is presented. The main measures taken by the Moroccan government for the development of the sector are described. In this regard, the economic, institutional, legislative and regulatory measures taken by the public authorities to make Morocco more attractive to foreign investors are detailed. Finally, a TOWS analysis is made of the main threats and strengths provided by the environment, and the strengths and weaknesses that characterize the sector to address them

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