Department: Didáctica

Area: Didactics of Mathematics

Research group: Desarrollo Profesional del Docente

Áreas PAIDI: Humanidades

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Las creencias y conocimientos de los profesores de primaria andaluces sobre la matematica escolar. Modelizacion de concepciones sobre la aleatoriedad y probabilidad 1998. Supervised by Dr. María del Pilar Azcaráte Goded.

Mathematician educator who began as a textbook author in 1981 with the Anaya publishing house for the reform of 1982, Preschool, Initial Cycle and Middle Cycle of the Count series. He is a teacher in primary education of Sciences and Mathematics, from the perspective of the new school during three and a half courses in private and cooperative entities in Cantabria. In 1984 he entered the UGR at the Melilla Teaching College, taking the TEU in 1986 in the area of Mathematics Didactics. He begins his research process with the group of the Junta de Andalucía HUM462 "DESARROLLO PROFESIONAL DEL DOCENTE" where teachers from three areas of knowledge concur, being the focus of interest in the elaboration of the professional Knowledge of the Mathematics Teacher, in relation to the IRES group of Seville. In 1998 the thesis on "The beliefs and knowledge of Andalusian primary school teachers about school mathematics. Modeling conceptions of randomness and probability", was read at the UCA, a university where I co-directed the thesis for a secondary school teacher entitled "El treatment of chance in compulsory secondary education" that was read in 2003. My thesis is replicated under my co-direction in 2014 with an Argentine teacher entitled "A comparative study of probabilistic thinking trends of students of Biology and Mathematics faculty" and in 2013 the thesis that I co-direct is read under the title "The Statistical learning in Compulsory Secondary Education through a project methodology: case study in an inclusive classroom" both at the UGR. As a result of these research works and several granted projects, the practical knowledge of the active teacher in the primary classroom, of a declarative nature about chance, is being written and deepened about the professional practical knowledge of the active secondary mathematics teacher about his teaching of statistics. It has been possible to investigate the knowledge of the mathematics teacher in training, oriented to secondary education, science and mathematics on his conception of chance. Other investigations and interests have led us to the world of curricular sustainability, from a decreasing perspective so necessary for the sustenance of the planet, involving me in the edition of the Environmental Education and Sustainability Magazine: REAYS of the UCA (https://revistas, and investigatively in an active project "Environmental Literacy. A challenge for the Training of Teachers of the XXI century" of the International Scope of Knowledge Generation - R+D+i Projects, financed by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE (09/01/2021-08/31/2024) and amount of €41,382.00. Said project is directed from the University of Seville in the department of Experimental CC Ana Rivero and in the section of the University of Cádiz by Pilar Azcárate, investigating teacher training from post-development environmental limits and expectations. I am currently co-directing a thesis focused on the knowledge of the mathematics teacher educator at the UCA, as a case study on an active secondary education teacher Associated with the UCA as a teacher of the secondary Master's in the specialty of Mathematics, a Master who has the peculiarity of sharing students with the Interuniversity Master in Mathematics, obtaining a double degree ( )