Department: Química Analítica

Research institute: Instituto de Biomoléculas (INBIO)

Area: Analytical Chemistry

Research group: Geoquímica Marina


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Áreas PAIDI: Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Desarrollo de nuevas reacciones de reextraccion. Determinacion espectrofotometrica de carbonato total 1989.

I carry out the Chemistry studies and collaborate in the Dpt. of Analytical Chemistry (UCA) since 4th year. As Degree I get a scholarship from the National Institute of Industry, which I refuse to come back when I get an FPU scholarship. I do the Bachelor Thesis and the PhD Thesis in separation by liquid re-extraction using organic reagents. After that I join as an assistant professor, associate and lecturer, being Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry since1995 and Full Professor since 2017. I was Dean of the Faculty of Science (UCA) from 2011 to 2015 and Head of Analytical Chemistry Dept. since 2017. Also I am Head of “Marine Geochemistry RNM-236” group since 2017. I have taught in degrees of Chemistry, Marine and Environmental Science, as well as courses related to separation methods, instrumental analysis, chemical speciation and heavy metal analysis in various masters and doctoral programs in Analytical Chemistry, Agrifood, Natural Resources and Environment, Integral Management of Water and Chemistry. As international teaching, it is worth mentioning in different Masters and supervisor of Master thesis of foreign students from: European Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories ERASMUS MUNDUS: Univ. Algarve (Portugal) 2017; Univ. Gdansk (Poland) 2010; Univ. Barcelona (Spain) 2011, 2014, 2016; Univ. Cádiz (Spain) 2013, 2018; Univ. Bergen 2015; and also Univ. Abdelmalek Essaadi 2013, 2019 (Morocco). I have been supervisor of 9 PhD Thesis, 30 Master's Degree, 20 Final Degree Projects, 18 Research Fellowships, mainly related to metal analysis in environmental samples and other types of samples (drugs, drinks…). The research is carried out by developing methods of trace metal preconcentration by liquid and solid phase extraction or liquid membranes using organic reagents, analysing by voltammetry, spectroscopy, ICP-AES or ICP-MS, focused on the metals analysis in environmental samples and using chemometric techniques. The research lines have been focused on the study of metal bioavailability, speciation or bioaccumulation; the biomarkers and ecotoxicological studies and the impact of metal pollution. As new approaches can be highlighted the achievements applying the principles of green chemistry to designing metal chemosensor and their application in optical sensors, mainly with polymeric matrix and membrane disks. The use of inert biomass from plant and food waste as metal sorbents and its use in remediation is another new research line. We have national and international collaborations (United Kingdom, Cuba, Morocco, Portugal, Kenya, Mexico) in areas of Biology and Environment, developing interdisciplinary work in methodology of metal analysis and their application to different ecosystems, also studying the ecotoxicological effects on aquatic organisms. In knowledge transfer I have developed contracts with companies making technical reports on sands, waters, soils... and participated in other contracts supported by Ministry of Environment (J. Andalucía), highlighting the one made after the accident Aznalcóllar miner, for the evaluation of water pollution of the Guadiamar river, or the one related to the establishment of criteria and tools for the evaluation of the contamination by coastal pollutant episodes. I have also participated in the European QUALIPOL project on quality of coastal waters (Brest, Cádiz, Porto, Constanza). As a result, I have co-authored more than 75 publications, 53 of them in WoS (h-Index: 17; citing articles: 936), 3 books, 19 book chapters and more than 120 contributions to congresses. I have been a researcher in several research projects and several IP(14) and worked for companies or public institutions by 20 contract (5 as IP). I also act as a referee for more than 20 indexed journals and for agencies as ANEP (Spain), FONDECYT (Chile) and ANPCyT (Argentina). I get 3 National research steps (last step in 2016) and 5 Andalusian Autonomous Community steps.