Department: Ingeniería Informática

Area: Computer Languages and Systems

Research group: Grupo UCASE de Ingeniería del Software


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Áreas PAIDI: Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Generación automática de casos en procesamiento de eventos con EPL 2017. Supervised by Dr. Inmaculada Medina Bulo, Dr. Juan José Domínguez Jiménez, Dr. Lorena Gutiérrez Madroñal.

Lorena Gutiérrez-Madroñal received her first-class Honours Degree in Computer Systems Management in 2007, her BSc in Computer Science in 2009, her Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science in 2010, and her Ph.D. in 2017 at the University of Cádiz (Spain). She has been working at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering as a full-time lecturer since 2009. Her research is focused on the Internet of Things and tests event generation for any event-processing program. In order to prove the usability of the test-generated events, she is using them to apply mutation testing to EPL query languages, such as the Event Processing Language (EPL). She has participated in research projects, all involved in software engineering-related aspects as a UCASE research group member.