Department: Estadística e Investigación Operativa

Area: Statistics and Operations Research


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Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Inner structure of convex sets 2018. Supervised by Dr. Francisco Javier García Pacheco.

Studies: - Bachelor in mathematics in UCA - Master in mathematics investigation in UCA and UGR - PhD in mathematics Papers: - Supporting vectors for the $$\ell _1$$-norm and the $$\ell _{\infty }$$-norm and an application - Non-Linear Inner Structure of Topological Vector Spaces - Inner structure in real vector spaces - Supporting vectors of continuous linear projections - Balanced and absorbing subsets with empty interior Teaching: - Applied mathematics (32 days) - Mathematical analysis (85 days) - Statistics (from 2019 until today) Congress: - Jornada IMUS UCA 2019 (assistance and poster) - II Workshop on Functional Analysis (assistance, organization, poster and speech) - Advance course on Geometry, Topology and Algebra (assistance and speech) - XIII encuentro de Análisis Funcional Murcia-Valencia (assistance and poster)