Department: Estadistica e Investigación Operativa

Research institute: Instituto para el Desarrollo Social Sostenible (INDESS)

Area: Statistics and Operations Research

Research group: Orel-Optimización de Recursos, Estadística, Transporte y Logística


Personal web:

Áreas PAIDI: Física, Química y Matemáticas

Doctor by the Universidad de Sevilla with the thesis Avances sobre el problema de localización continua de un único centro 1998. Supervised by Dr. Justo Puerto Albandoz.

A.M. Rodríguez-Chía got his PhD from the Seville University in 1998. He is full professor of the Dpt. of Statistics and Operations Research of Cádiz University, since 2015. Since the beginning of his research activity, he has been working in continuous and discrete optimization problems, with particular focus on location problems. In addition, his research has been devoted to the study of optimization of large-scale complex networks and the analysis of data science problems from the point of view of optimization. Recently, he is also involved in the optimization of reconstruction of nano-scale particles using Electronic Tomography (this line is proving very active with a published paper, others in progress, a software with intellectual registration property and a contract with NanoMEGAS).