Department: Ciencia de los Materiales e Ingeniería Metalúrgica y Química Inorgánica

Research institute: Instituto de Microscopía Electrónica y Materiales (IMEYMAT)

Area: Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering

Research group: Materiales y Nanotecnología para la Innovación


Áreas PAIDI: Tecnologías de la Producción

Doctor by the Universidad de Cádiz with the thesis Diseño de la nanoestructura de materiales semiconductores autoensamblados de inas crecidos mediante epitaxia de haces moleculares 2008. Supervised by Dr. Sergio I. Molina, Dr. Rafael García Roja.

David L. Sales is MSci in Chemical Engineering (Universidad de Cádiz and University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology). He worked as a process engineer in a polymer manufacturing plant before he completed a PhD in Materials Science (2008). During doctorate studies he visited EMAT group at Techniche Universität (Antwerp, Belgium) for a month, STEM group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN, USA) for six months, and the HREM group at University of Cambridge (U.K.) for the same period. He is currently Associate Professor at Universidad de Cádiz, where he teaches Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering in several engineering degrees. Regarding scientific production, his research has been concentrated on electron nanoscopies of semiconducting materials, and synthesis and characterization of (nano)materials. He is co-author of two patents and 43 papers published in high impact factor journals, among them: Crystal Growth and Design, Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review B, Ultramicroscopy and Nanotechnology, and the open access ones Nanoscale Research Letters y Applied Physics Express. Dr. Sales participated on 17 research projects, two EU networks among them. Currently he contributes to the development of the following new topics: circular economy strategies such us reusing wastes for additive manufacturing and sustainable building, the development of low nickel stainless steel alloys, design and characterization of advanced materials for additive manufacturing. He is currently supervising four PhD students. His transfer activity to the industrial sector is mainly carried out as a researcher in charge of the Certified Technical Facilities "Research, testing and materials selection for the industrial sector", with which he has led a total of 20 contracts. He is leading the project ‘Improved resource efficiency and sustainability by implementing additive manufacturing for the maintenance of facilities in the chemical industry’ financed by Fundación Campus Tecnológico de Algeciras, which is being developed in the chemical factory of INDORAMA VENTURES at San Roque (Spain). Moreover, Dr. Sales is designing (and will be in charge of) the ‘Smart Manufacturing Lab’ at the ‘Innovation Center UCA-SEA’ to be built in Algeciras in 2021 (ERDF funded). Other notable merits are: reviewer of three international journals (Semiconductor Science and Technology, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology), and guest editor of Physical Status Solidi C; organizer of two international nanotechnology schools, an international and a national congress, and an international workshop; winner of the 'Excellent Student Paper' award from the University of Sheffield.